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Welcome to Global Soil Information Facilities project!

Global Soil Information Facilities is an initiative of the ISRIC — World Soil Information Institute and Africa Soil Information Service (africasoils.net) team.

This package contains tools and procedures to handle soil data and produce gridded soil property maps to support the global soil data initivatives such as the GlobalSoilMap.net project. This package was developed as a support to the Africa Soil Information Service project.

One degree tiles (world map)
Open Soil Profiles

Contact: Tomislav Hengl

Contributions by: Bas Kempen, Gerard B.M. Heuvelink, Dylan Beaudette, Reuter I. Hannes, Brendan Malone, Pierre Roudier ...

The project summary page you can find here. See the complete list of functions available in this package. GSIF provides access to several case studies. A tutorial to analyze soil property and soil class data with the Ebergotzen data is available here.


To install this package from R-forge use (works only on >= R 2.15!):

> install.packages(c("RCurl", "XML", "rgdal", "raster", "sp", "aqp", "mda", "gstat", "plotKML", "dismo", "rJava"))
> install.packages("GSIF", repos=c("http://R-Forge.R-project.org"))

Alternatively, you can install the most recent snapshot of the package directly from the source by using e.g.:

> install.packages(c("RCurl", "XML", "rgdal", "raster", "sp", "aqp", "mda", "gstat", "plotKML", "dismo", "rJava", "rpart", "maptools", "nortest", "randomForest"))
> download.file("http://gsif.r-forge.r-project.org/GSIF_0.3-5.tar.gz", "GSIF_0.3-5.tar.gz")
> system("R CMD INSTALL GSIF_0.3-5.tar.gz") 

GSIF package extensively uses a number of external software, hence it is highly recommended that, prior to starting GSIF, you first download and install:

  1. FWTools (required) — this software is called by several functions (e.g. make.3Dgrid);
  2. SAGA GIS (optional) — this software is highly recommend but not required;
  3. Python (optional) — this allows processing of large data;

Read more: installation and first steps with plotKML.


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